California Teachers Turn Border Wall into International Playground

Border Seesaw
Border Seesaw

This obviously isn’t your normal playground. This playground has seesaws that teeter through the border between the United States and Mexico.

The idea for the seesaws came from two California professors: Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello.

The project started all the way back in 2009 when the pair dreamed up the concept as a way to speak against the construction of border barriers.

The concept finally came to life after ten years of planning. Rael and his team set up the seesaws between Sunland Park, New Mexico and Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

In an Instagram post, Rael wrote that the seesaws have brought ” joy, excitement, and togetherness at the borderwall.”

“The wall became a literal fulcrum for U.S -Mexico relations and children and adults were connected in meaningful ways on both sides with the recognition that the actions that take place on one side have a direct consequence on the other side,” Rael wrote.

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