Two Dogs Save Owner Suffering Stroke

Bella and Sadie with Maureen Hatcher (WJXX)
Bella and Sadie with Maureen Hatcher (WJXX)

A Florida woman is still in shock that she owes her life to her two dogs. After suffering a stroke, her pets sprung into action. The pair were able to alert a neighbor who then contacted first responders.

Maureen Hatcher was home alone at her residence in St. Augustine house when she suffered a stroke. Hatcher lives with her grandson, but he was unfortunately way at the time. Her two dogs, Bella and Sadie were her only companions.

In an interview with First Coast News, Hatcher recalled “I remember Sadie coming in and I said … ‘Mommy needs help.'” According to Hatcher the dogs seemed to understand.

Her doorbell camera captured the scene of the two Labrador retrievers bolting out of the residence, barking frantically.

Alexandra Naspolini, Hatcher’s neighbor, stated that she could tell by the dogs’ behavior that something was not right. She didn’t hesitate to follow them.

“The house was so dark. I was so scared to be inside but it was like, ‘Something is wrong,'” she said in a nationally-televised interview on ABC News.

Naspolini was fortunately able to discover Hatcher laying on the floor of her home and call 911. Paramedics sped to the scene and then transported Ms. Hatcher to a stroke treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida according to First Coast News.

“I do believe they (the dogs) saved her,” Naspolini said. “I don’t think she’d be here with us. I think everything has their purpose.”

Hatcher still isn’t exactly sure how Bella and Sadie were able to get out of the house, but she’s not too worried about it.

“By rights, I shouldn’t be in the shape that I’m in. I had an angel across the street and I had a great rescue in the neighborhood. I’m blessed, very blessed,” she said.

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