Jeopardy contestant donates winnings to cancer research

Avi Gupta
Avi Gupta

In a minute similar to Final Jeopardy, Avi Gupta took pen close by Monday, and pulled out all the stops. Be that as it may, rather than a triumphant inquiry, Gupta, 18, worked out a $10,314 gift check to Oregon Health and Science University’s Knight Cancer Institute.

“This is in honor of ‘Jeopardy’ host Alex Trebek, a man who’s been a role model for me my whole life,” said Gupta, alluding to Trebek’s fight with pancreatic cancer.

Last June, the Catlin Gable graduate and Columbia University first year recruit, won the ‘Jeopardy’ Teen Tournament and the $100,000 thousand prize. Cash for his gift originated from part of his rewards.

“I hope it makes a difference,” said Gupta.

While Trebek fights pancreatic cancer, endless others are battling for their lives. Gupta trusts his gift—a gesture to the scientific constant, Pi—will advance research for early location.

“Everyone knows someone or has been affected by cancer in some way,” said Gupta. “I believe scientists are winning the fight against cancer, we just need to help them to do more.”

Dr. Brian Druker is executive of the Knight Cancer Institute. He and his better half were so enlivened by Gupta’s gift, they vowed to coordinate it—a genuine “Daily Double.”

“What a remarkable young man and what a great gesture,” said Druker. “We hope it inspires lots and lots more people.”

Druker said he trusts it can, similarly the Knight Cancer challenge did. That battle raised $500 million, through 10,000 individual contributors.

“There were bake sales, lemonade stands, my daughter donated $16,” said Druker. “Those are the people who inspire all of us to give small amounts and it all starts to add up.”

With every commitment, contributors are urged to archive their giving with hashtag #InspiredBy, to perceive who they’re giving out of appreciation for.

“I really hope that others—young people, especially—will join me in supporting this cause,” said Gupta. “We are the social media generation.”

You can tally Dr. Druker.
“I’m going to write #InspiredBy Avi Gupta,” said Druker. “Because he is absolutely an inspiration.”

Those keen on giving OHSU’s #InspiredBy crusade can do as such, here.

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