He wanted to get fit, so he built an app to bike across the United States

David Warner
David Warner

Back in 2017, four months prior to my 50th birthday 06-12-17 I wanted to celebrate and challenge myself to something “BIG” and thought of the idea biking virtually across the USA. Seeking out a developer to build me an app that would allow me to bike Google Streets (street view) virtually allowed me to do just that. The application communicates with a cadence sensor attached to arm crank of the pedal. This allows me to to cycle virtually through Google streets and experience the backroads of America.

On June 12th, 2017 when I turned 50, I started my virtual bike ride. Monday-Friday without fail biking 20 miles a day, 100 miles a week, 400 miles a month I did it! Stated out in Van Buren, ME and ended my bike ride in Del Mar, California. Oh, the stories I can tell, experiences, visuals, and places I have visited. From New York City, to Denver Rockies, or San Francisco – I have seen it all and the journey was beautiful! I blogged daily via Facebook my journey and have over 300 daily followers. Sharing my experiences and capturing over 45,000 photos of my journey has been a gift.

Riding Virtually through the city

You see four years ago; I went down the drain with alcohol and finally admitted I am an alcoholic. My weight suffered weighing in at 250 lbs. and my life was a wreck. I decided to take charge and change my life through AA and leading a Fasting Lifestyle. With my virtual bike ride my health has been restored at 180 lbs. Between the biking and dieting along with commitment to God and family my life is a 180 degree’s from where I was.

With this, I am proud to have had the courage to change and be a part of a journey biking virtually across the USA.

It all begins with “I” and making the change because no on except “I” will do it for us!

I have become the first man to bike virtually through Google Streets and now, I want to help others with our application.

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