Children Go Viral for Back to School Prayer Circle

Children praying
Children praying

A picture of three children praying before their first day of school has gone viral on Facebook.

Jamisha Harris — the mother of the three children Eugene Jacobs, 10; Jorden Jacobs, 8; and Emily Jacobs, 7 — posted the image of her kids praying together before walking to their bus stop. In the Facebook post Jamisha wrote, “I’m feeling nervous and a little unsure but thankful.”

She continued, “I pray for my children on their first day of school.”

After being shared to local WAFB’s Facebook page, thousands of parents responded positively to the image. Many seem to believe that prayer is important in light of recent tragedies across the United States.

“Praise God! May He bless and protect his little children as they start this school year. Cover our teachers and staff also,” one poster replied. “Kudos to these parents. We can pray anywhere, anytime.”

Another commenter wrote, “This is awesome! Need a lot more of it to bring this country back to its roots.”

Harris told Yahoo Lifestyle that she prayers with her children every day. She wanted to pray with them again before school, asking God to keep them safe.

“All day every day I think about my children and that I’m not at school with them to protect them if any tragedies [were] to happen,” Harris says. “Because of the recent tragedies that’s been happening all over the world it’s no peace in being a mother because I’m always worried about shooters, bullying, sexual assault … anything that can harm my children.”

Harris reminds her children to listen to their teachers in case of an emergency, which calms some of her anxiety. Even so, she can’t help to worry for their safety each day.

“With all these tragedies happening the only thing I can do is raise them right and educate them on life and to always pray together,” she says.

Harris hopes that her photo will inspire parents to pray with their children.

“I hope it just brings peace to the parents and student on their first day of school,” she says. “They may have [taken] praying out of school but not out of God’s children.”

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