NFL Rookie Buys Home for Cancer Survivor Mother

Mecole Hardman and mom
Mecole Hardman and mom

Kansas City Chiefs newbie Mecole Hardman Jr. is recognizing his mom with the present of a new residence.

The NFL pass receiver, 21, lately satisfied a lifelong dream by buying his mom Danyell Hardman a brand-new house. It was a moving gesture for the son who stepped up several years ago after Danyell was sidelined by a brain tumor.

Mecole shared the powerful moment on Twitter with a video that showed Danyell stepping, blindfolded, out of a van, just to stand in front of her new home.

“I been dreaming of buying my mama a house since I was 8 and now to finally do it words can’t explain how happy I am ?? I love you ma x1000000000❤️ It’s my turn to take care of you now ??,” Mecole wrote on Twitter.

A dream realized

In the video clip, Danyell grows emotional as she explores the home with her son, that tells her, “You know I got you” as they share a hug in the kitchen area.

The family has actually come a long way since a tumor the size of an apple was cut from Danyell’s brain in 2013.

“They’re not cancerous or anything, but they affect a lot of things, like your sight, sense of smell,” she told the Kansas City Star. “The doctors didn’t think I’d be able to see again or smell again. It caused me to have a couple of seizures.”

Danyell told the outlet she undertook multiple surgical procedures to eliminate her growth. Mecole rarely left her side.

“When you go through a situation like that, it’s kind of hard because you’re thinking about all the worst things that can happen,” the athlete told the Star. “It’s hard to think positive in situations like that. But all I remember, just hoping she’d get better and hope she’d be OK.”

Committed to Family

Mecole remained nearby throughout his university years. The young man had decided to go to the University of Georgia, taking on the role of driver for his mother after she endured a seizure behind the wheel.

“He helped out a lot. He really did because he was really the only one that was here,” she said.

When his family members fell in love with a house, Mecole came to the rescue once again. He covertly acquired it without letting his mother realize, according to the outlet.

It wasn’t the only shock. Mecole likewise treated his dad, Mecole Sr., to a surprise 2019 black Dodge Challenger with personalized red natural leather seats.

“That’s just been something that he’s always wanted to do as a kid. To show his mom and dad that he appreciates everything they’ve done for him,” Danyell told the Star.

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