Students Surprise History Teacher with Tickets to “Hamilton”

Mr Corby
Mr Corby

Tom Corby is a history teacher at New Egypt High School in New Egypt, New Jersey. He’s also a big fan of the award-winning musical, Hamilton, but hasn’t been able to get his hands on tickets.

The moment Mr. Corby received his tickets was captured on video: We talked to your wife, the date is clear!” a student is heard saying.

Corby held back tears, visibly moved that he would finally get to see the famous musical in person.

The video has since gone viral, even catching the attention of Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda on Twitter: “Great job kids,” he wrote. “Enjoy, Mr. Corby.”

Mr. Corby still seemed stunned when he spoke with Inside Edition:

“You can see my reaction at the point is like unbelievable, I was at a loss for words that they would do something like this,” Corby explained. “It was mesmerizing. I appreciate it so much.”

Hanna Downs, the student who filmed the now viral video, chipped in: “When we were able to give it to him some of us cried, we were just so excited like how happy he was.

“He does so much for us,” she went on. “And this was our way to pay him back.”

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