105-year-old Texas Pastor Now in 57th Year of Preaching

Hattie Mae Allen
Hattie Mae Allen

Pastor Hattie Mae Allen just celebrated her 105th birthday, but that doesn’t stop her preaching the Word of God.

On Sunday, the Texas church she ministers at, simply called “Jesus,” celebrated her 57th year in the ministry. During that time, she has delivered a sermon nearly every week.

For Allen, it’s a family thing. She is a sixth generation pastor herself. Her father was a bishop with 12 children, five of whom grew up to become pastors. Her church specifically refers to her as a “teacher.” Her family lovingly refer to her as “Grammer.”

“We put Jesus first,” Allen said during her remarks reported by the Temple Daily Telegram.

Ruth Freeman, one of Allen’s daughters, said in an interview with Fox News that she was so happy to see her mother live out an encouraging word she had first received when starting the church: “For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict.”

Ruth continued: “For her to still be able to do that, and honor her at 105 and she still has that desire. That was just wonderful. That’s a blessing!”

Allen is still able to live on her own, or as she would say it, “me and Jesus”. She continues to preach most Sundays at her church on 24th Street and Avenue J in Temple.

Despite being ordained in 1962, Allen never did receive a formal religious education. She does, however, seem to have a Ph.D. in Jesus.

“I have a pure heart’s desire,” Allen said. “And that is what God will honor in the end.”

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