Sisters Start Lemonade Stand to Raise Money for Student Lunches

Hailey and Hannah's Helping Hands
Hailey and Hannah's Helping Hands

RALEIGH — Sisters Hailey, 13, and Hannah Hager, 11, set up a lemonade stand last weekend, with the goal of helping fellow students pay for school lunch.

“There are people in the world that need help,” said Hannah, who has a history of working with her sister to help those in need.

With a little help from an online fundraiser, the sisters were able to meet their goal of paying $3,100 in lunch debt at their elementary school, Fox News reports.

But these two sisters aren’t satisfied — they want to “ultimately bridge the financial gap” in their school district, they shared in an interview.

To continue helping their peers, the sisters are selling snacks on the weekends, according to posts left on their public Facebook page.

Principal Ashley Lemley clarified that Southwood Elementary allows students who owe on their accounts to continue eating school lunch, Yahoo Lifestyle reported. Regardless, he applauded the Hager sisters’ efforts to help their fellow students in need.

“They are truly amazing students who are going to continue to do great things in our community,” Lemley said, according to Yahoo Lifestyle.

The girls credit their mother for the inspiration for the sales after she “challenged the girls to complete a random act of kindness last year,” according to local media.

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