Oil Rig Workers Rescue Dog Stranded At Sea


THAILAND — Oil rig workers in the Gulf of Thailand rescued a dog that found itself stranded 130 miles out to sea.

Workers noticed the dog as it paddled toward their oil rig.

“If the waves had been strong, we wouldn’t have seen him,” Vitisak Payalaw, of Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production’s oil drilling team, wrote on his Facebook page.

The dog managed to swim to oil rig and grab on for dear life. It looked up at the workers as they tried to decide what to do.

“Finally, we decided to tie a rope around his neck and pull him to our site,” Vitisak wrote. “We had to race against time as wind waves might sweep him away.”

The workers managed to rescue the dog, who looked incredible tired according to Vitisak.

via ViralPress

The Bangkok Post reported that the dog fell from a fishing boat. The oil rig workers named her “Boonrod”, the Thai word which means “making a spiritual donation for good luck in the future.”

Further reporting from the Bangkok Post states that Boonrod spent a week on the oil rig before returning to the main land.

After the story went viral, Boonrod had many visitors as she arrived back in Thailand. Watchdog Thailand, a animal care non-profit, took her in.

Vitisak said in an interview with ViralPress that Boonrod has plenty of energy now that she is back home.

“I hope to adopt her as a pet. I am looking forward to spending many happy years together with her.”

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