New York couple rescues cat from trash compactor


NEW YORK — Raymond Deidesheimer was walking with his girlfriend past a pile of garbage bags when a pet crate caught their attention. Curious, the couple took a look inside and found a live cat. Had the pair arrived even a few minutes later, the poor cat may have ended up in the compactor!

Deidesheimer and his girlfriend knew right away that they needed to remove the cat from the dangerous situation, so they brought it home with them. From there, they reached out to Little Wanderers NYC, a cat rescue group located in their neighborhood, the Bronx. In an Instagram post, Little Wanderers NYC described Deidesheimer as a “bona-fide HERO”. They even named the now famous cat “Raymond” in his honor.

Little Wanderers founder, Lisa Scroggins, gave an interview to the Huffington Post in which she stated it would have been very easy for those collecting the trash to miss the cat altogether. Being buried underneath garbage bags, Raymond the cat would have suffered a horrible fate if it not for the sharp eye of Raymond the human.

It didn’t take long for this feline celebrity to find a new home in New York City. Little Wanderers volunteers say that he has adjusted remarkably well for a cat that has experienced something so traumatic.

No one can still quite understand why it is that a person would throw away a perfectly friendly cat like Raymond in the trash. If you or someone you know is no longer willing or able to care for a pet, please contact your local animal shelter.

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