12 Year-Old Massachusetts Boy Delivers Lunches, Shares Hope with Boston-Area Homeless


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — While legislators around the country debate how to best address the nation’s growing homelessness crisis, 12 year old Liam Hannon is doing his part to help out his Cambridge, Massachusetts neighbors.

Once a week, he prepares bagged lunches decorated with hand-written notes of encouragement. Then Liam, along with father Scott, walk along the streets of Cambridge delivering the meals.

It’s this personal touch that makes the biggest impact, according to Liam.

I can tell they’re really grateful for the food, but I think their favorite part is the drawings and notes we leave on the bags. There are people who save every single bag, staple them together, and make a whole book of them!

According to his GoFundMe page, Liam and his father have delivered over 2000 of these special lunches to the area’s homeless population.

What an inspiration!

a close up of a piece of paper: liam2 12 Year Old Delivering Lunches, Message Of Kindness To Homeless In Cambridge
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