Using Flowers to Fight Coronavirus Blues

Sam Thomas holding flowers

Searching for an approach to spread grins, a South Bay lady took to NextDoor with a unique thought.

Mountain View kindergarten instructor Sam Thomas needs individuals to have motivations to grin during the COVID-19 pandemic, through blossoms.

“I just think of flowers that are something that usually reminds you of really happy times,” Thomas said. “You get flowers at your wedding. You get flowers on Valentine’s Day to show you love. They smell so nice and they are so beautiful. What’s not to love about flowers?”

Her other energy, possessing Lemon Tree Floral Design, which permits her to consolidate educating and blossoms through bloom masterminding classes for birthday celebrations and different festivals.

“Because it was more gatherings and events, it completely stopped,” Thomas said. “But, when I was thinking about a way that I could put my name out there in the community, while also bringing a little bit of joy and beauty into people’s life, the flower swap idea just kind of came to me.”

Neighbors take blossoms from their nursery, leave them close to home, Thomas masterminds them and gives them back.

Some keep the blossoms, others share the excellence.

“They were giving them away to their neighbors,” Thomas said. “One said they gave their arrangement to their neighbor that had to celebrate her “Sweet 16″ in quarantine. So I thought it was so nice that they got to enjoy it for a few minutes before they passed it along and gave it to somebody else to really love.”

On the off chance that there are additional blossoms, they don’t go to squander.

After the blossoms are masterminded, Sam takes off and conveys them to individuals who could utilize a grin at the present time.

Counting Eva Sullivan who held a virtual infant shower as of late.

“Shelter-in-place can feel pretty lonely,” Sullivan said. “Getting these little deliveries helps you remember that we’re all still together, even though we are separate and we all care about each other.”

Thomas has completed 20 plans up until this point and wants to proceed with her new thought.

She can’t cover the whole Bay Area, so she trusts different flower vendors in the region can proceed with the pattern where they live.

“I was surprised that there wasn’t anything out there about a flower swap,” Thomas said. “So, I’m just hoping that people will see this and in their own communities, they may be inspired to do something similar.”

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