WATCH: Navy Daughter Returns Home, Surprises Pastor Father on Stage

Jadiah Mondy
Jadiah Mondy

Pastor Jerome Mondy rarely misses a beat. But when his daughter arrived home early from overseas, he fell flat on the floor.

Mondy was leading a service at Divine Faith Ministries in Jonesboro, Ga. this past February when is daughter joined other members of the congregation on stage. At first, he didn’t seem to realize that his daughter, Navy Petty Officer Jadiah Mondy, was there next to him. She had been away in Japan for two years.

Then he saw her. The Georgia father couldn’t believe his eyes.

“It shocked the heck out of me,” Mondy told Inside Edition with laughter. “I said, ‘How you got here?'”

And as soon as he got up off the floor, the pastor gave his daughter a big hug and the two continued dancing — what a scene!

Jadiah, who refers to herself a “preacher’s kid,” asked her brother, Isaac, to help her plan the elaborate surprise in a place where everyone would be gathered — at her father’s church.

“He didn’t even know he was shouting with his kids,” Isaac wrote on his Facebook page. “God is good.”

The special moment took months of planning to pull off.

“When I tell Yal this was the best feeling, surprising my dad!” she said on Facebook. “All the scheming and plotting for the last few months was definitely worth it. I love you daddy!”

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